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Note10+ Employee Discount Price

 When going thru the Note 10+ preorder with my employee discount and  I am noticing something strange with the pricing.  When I start out the the overall price is lowered to $1017.  Then after I setup the carrier, storage size and trade-in for my S10+ the overall price goes up to $1062, a $45 increase.  The change in price happens AFTER I put the trade-in.  I have included before and after screenshots to highlight my question.  Any Samsung employees out there have any idea why this happens?  Thanks.


20190811_131543.jpgBefore trade-in20190811_131617.jpgAfter trade-in


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Note10+ Employee Discount Price

Hey there!


Thanks for reaching out. I would recommend reaching out to our E-Commerce department regarding this. They can be reached directly at 855-726-8721.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Note10+ Employee Discount Price

Yes I have done this so many times the employee's discount, in my case student discount, will reduce if you put on trade-in value. The employee discount is only "up to" 20% or so, it can reduce once you add more discounts from other sources. 

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