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Note10 + wont fast charge anymore

My wife and I both got a note 10+ back in june/July. Phone have been work fine. There was a software update a couple weeks ago and not both of our phone have been having intermittent usb issues. Most our phones not fast charging. 


1. We have tried several different cords when we have the issue. Including finally opening the factory cable and charger that came with the phones and it still won't work. 

2. Its happening to both of our phones and they will still normal cable charge. 

3. This is also effecting our ability to play music through the USB port as well. 

4.i tried using a wireless fastcharger i have and that didn't fast charge either. 

5.i tried restarting the phones. Power them down for a bit. Booting in safe mode. 


Anyone else having any issues like this?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Note10 + wont fast charge anymore

Have you tried these troubleshooting steps here?