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One UI 2.0/Android 10 gestures

I just updated my device to the new software. I'm unaware as to where I should post or report a bug/issue. So here i am.


Issue is small. Whenever I have multiple apps open. And I drag from bottom middle and hold, to open previous apps, its buggy and it doesnt center on the app i dragged up in. To better understand/explain this, example:


I have 3 apps open, in order I opened chrome, then samsung shop, then messages. While in messages I drag from middle bottom up and hold to get to previous used apps. It focuses on samsung shop, not messages. And it sort of stutters when it does this too.


The issue/question in short.


Is this a bug? Is it supposed to focus on the app I dragged up in? I would prefer it to be this way. I believe it is that way on pixel devices with android 10. Where when you drag up and hold it's like you are dragging the current app into that carousel of previous apps and its focused on the app you dragged. Where with this it feels weird dragging from middle bottom but then apps are summoned from the left side of the screen. And even weirder when I go to said previous app carousel and it takes me to the last app I used not the current one.



Otherwise I'm excited to finally have this update. The extra screen realistate is already nice. And I love all the other features that came with android 10.