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Phone number gets incorrectly transferred to dialer

Every time I select and highlight a phone number in an email or website that uses parentheses for a US area code, the phone incorrectly transfers it to the dialer screen/app.


I either long press to highlight or manually highlight a number and the phone recognizes it as a phone number. A button appears to click "call" (with the dialer image). I press it and a plus symbol appears after the first three numbers (US area code). 


For example (773) 555-6771 gets always transferred as 773+5556771 in emails or websites.


Once I deleted the plus symbol, the correct number appears with the parantheses in the dialer as it should have the first time.



There are no issues if a number is posted with only dashes or periods (eg 773.555.6771 or 773-555-6771). Phone recognizes them just fine.


This problem seems to have begun with the Android 10 update. I have not noticed it prior to that. I have tried a factory reset and have wiped the cache and data from the "Phone" app.


I have a US spec factory unlocked (non-carrier) Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ running the latest software purchased directly from the Samsung US site.