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PlayGalaxy Link Issues

Hello all,


I have been trying to use the PlayGalaxy Link app since it was released and still am having such a hard time. 

First issue was that when I would connect, all I would get is a blank screen. That issue was fixed recently. 

I have 2 computers that are in different places on different networks. One is my desktop and one is my laptop. When I am away from both of them, I would like to connect to one to still play some games, preferrably my desktop.

But the issue is when I try to play something on my desktop, I can't get rid of the on-screen controller that was recently add. It's just in the way when I want to play something with a keyboard and mouse. (contacted Samsung Support on this one. They have no idea how to disable it)

And my laptop just disconnects my phone as soon as I connect to it. Which obviously makes it unplayable.


Any help would be much appreciated.