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Pls fix the google autosync.. its is really annoying



Developer please fix the auto sync when setting up google acc on Samsung Note 10plus


I am trying to setup 2 other google gmail to synch on calendar. Everytime, I set it up on the mobile, it just auto sync everything.  It is really annoying as I do not want other info..contacts etc.. I had to kepp removing the acc and try to setup again.  This is super frustrating.. I just want to select the calendar.. there is no button to de-activate auto sync pls see attached.


The old Samsung use to be easier to use. Allowing user to check off the auto sync. Pls put it back!


2) the list of items to sync are missing.. why?

I just to be able to see the full list including calendar.. pls see attachef image


Please fix the problem asap. Tks