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Problem with Bixby and handsfree answering of incoming calls

I have a new Samsung Note 10 Plus.


I have not been able to answer incoming calls handsfree with Bixby.  I Discovered that it is something to do with the ringtones in sound settings of the phone that is causing the problem. 


I thought maybe it was the ringtone being too loud so I went into settings and then sound to put the ringtone on silent hoping that would work.  It didn't work so I turned the ringtone back on. 


Then I went into the dropdown menu and went into sound.  I clicked vibrate and then tried to answer an incoming call handsfree and it worked.  Then I hit mute in the same dropdown menu and was able to answer my phone handsfree.  I then put it back on sound and it would not let me answer handsfree.


Can someone tell me that has a Note 10 Plus if you are able to answer handsfree incoming calls with Bixby.  Also has anyone else had this problem and has been able to fix the problem, if so can you tell me how?