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Problems and more problems

When I first got this phone I was impressed by the battery life and camera capabilities but there's some things that are driving me nuts and has me about ready to drop Samsung phones all together. First off, I HATE that the power button is on the left. Leave it on the right side where it belongs! Second, I haven't had one call since I got this phone when it launched that didn't cut out multiple times throughout the conversation. I know I get annoyed constantly having the people I'm talking to repeat themselves and I know they can't stand it either because they keep telling me that's how I sound to them. Calls made while connected to my Jeep, on WiFi or just using mobile network doesn't matter, every call is horrible. Along those same lines, I have zero service at work. I use to live stream sports games at work on my Note 8 but with this brick I sometimes can't even download a picture message in a text message. Multiple txt sessions with tech support through the My Verizon app and still no fixes. I also have problems when I plug into my Jeep to use Android Auto. The option in settings to remember that connection where I don't have to unlock my phone while in the Jeep never works. It makes me set up to remember that device every single time I plug in but never saves that info. Then, after I plug it in and start driving, the phone keeps turning on 7 or 8 more times I have to pick it up and turn the screen back off. Really fun when I'm driving home from work at 3:30 am and my cab is constantly lighting up like a Christmas tree blinding me. Lastly, almost every software update causes more problems than they fix. I absolutely hate iPhones but other people at work with them don't have nearly this amount of problems with them. This might be my last Samsung which is disappointing because I've had the Note series since the 4.