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Rear camera

After the ui2 update from samsung on my note 10+ 5g 512gb internal , the picture quality  is so bad and worse in low light . I dont feel like I want to use my phone. The whole point of the phone was the best camera for photo n video. Is there a fish for this ???


Re: Rear camera


I got a reply from samsung 


-Is the subject, or object, that you are trying to capture a picture of moving?


-When trying to take a picture, tap the screen on the item you'd like to focus on.


-Run a service test on your camera.


For the rear camera:


1. From the phone dialler, enter *#0*#.
2. Select MEGA CAM.


For the front camera:


1. From the phone dialler, enter *#0*#.
2. Select FRONT CAM.


-Check to see if is 'Tracking AF' turned on.


1. From your camera, select Settings.
2. Select Tracking AF.


Is 'Tracking AF' turned on?


-Are you trying to take a photo in low light?


-Are you using the front camera to take the photo?


-Is there anything covering the lens?


This could include your finger when holding the device to take the photo or a case if you have one on the device.


-Does your device's camera lens have any scratches or dirt on it?


-Updates are released by Samsung and often solve a range of device software problems.


Check that you have the latest software version on your device.


-If you haven't done so in this session, turn your device off for 20 seconds, then turn it back on again.


-The next step is a master reset. Most software problems are cleared by doing a master reset.


If your problem isn't solved by a reset, your device may need to be sent for repair. You may not want to reset your device because it is time-consuming, but it will happen anyway as part of the repair process due to data protection.


Please ensure any content you want to keep is backed up before you send your device to us as it will be wiped as part of the process.



Re: Rear camera

Didn't work for me still the images are grainy.  Feel like I've been robbed with in 5 months of having the phone....