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Refusing to Charge?

Anyone else have an issue with the Note10+ deciding it just doesn't want to charge? To be clear, its not an issue with cables, bricks, or wall outlets, as all the ones I have will readily charge my Note9 with no problems. But today I plugged my 10+ into its charging cable and the phone wouldn't start charging, no matter what combintations of cables, bricks, and outlets I used. I eventually had to restart the phone before it would start charging as it should. Is this a regular issue for a 10+? I've had the thing for barely a week, and if this is a common occurance I'm going to return it to Spectrum and get something else. Its one thing if this just happens once in a blue moon, but if I'm constantly going to be having to keep an eye on it to make sure its charging properly I don't want it. First time I've ever had a major issue like this on a Galaxy Note series, and it kind of threw me for a loop.


Re: Refusing to Charge?

seems like you already did diagnostic by tourself. I think charging port defect or main board defect. I recommend you find service center and get service.