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Cosmic Ray

Reminders can't be seen at bottom of notifications in status bar

All reminder notifications go to the bottom of the notification status bar so I can't ever see them, and it stacks them all together so I have to push the arrow down just to see all five reminders. That's a huge problem! bc I never see any reminders until end of night @ 11:00p.m. I go back and check them all. Google reminders are always at the very top so that you don't miss them, and it displays them one by one so you can read the entire reminder without having to combine all of them together until one where you have to hit the drop-down button in order to open them and see them all and the notification status bar. PLEASE SEPARATE EACH REMINDER ONE BY ONE AS ITS OWN NOTIFICATION, and PUT THEM AT THE VERY TOP ABOVE ALL OTHER NOTIFICATIONS! this reminder app is so much better than Google's it's really good app because it does so many cool things, but I never get to see my reminders on time because if the alert goes off when I'm not looking at my phone they go to bottom of all alerts!
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Reminders can't be seen at bottom of notifications in status bar

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