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Restricted Bluetooth volume

Upgraded, sure doesn't feel like it anymwore, from note 9 to note 10 plus. When I'm paired to one blue tooth speaker, there's no problem. I get full range of volume to the speaker. When I turn on dual audio mode, it restricts one speaker. I don't get full range of volume on both speakers. My note 9 had no problem controlling both speakers and allowed me to take both speakers to high. I have volume on both speakers turned all the way up. I control the actual volume herd through my note. While demonstrating this to my friend, the volume got restricted to both speakers. What the heck? I tried moving a buck of settings, believe me...every single setting, nothing worked. I turned off the dual mode and reconnected to just one speaker...this time it restricted the one speaker, what the heck? Finally after un pairing the speaker and repairing, it became unrestricted. This is defiantly a Samsung problem. Has anyone actually fixed this? I'm sure it's in the programming somewhere. I miss my note 9 in dual audio mode. I guess no more blasting both speakers when a good song comes on. Fix my $1300 phone Samsung.