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S Pen future feature request

Samsung should take the spen a bit further about letting us use the spen like scrolling through up and down now that their at it by motion the same as the camera but use it as scrolling up and down on our social media but again samsung who knows if they would let us in the next update its just my idea because let's be honest why build motion with the spen and not take advantage ofit a bit further and add a few more features on the spen and put it into a good use instead letting that motion sensor or how ever you called it on the spen like why bring it if yall not letting us use the spen motion a bit further by allowing it us use the spen to scroll through out social media as well instead letting it sit inside the phone like come on what's the point of building it to the phone and letting us use or give us that feature cus i know a lot of us are not using the camera moiton zoom in and out but ya thats just me