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Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G authenticity concerns

Hey all this is my first forum post in years, normal circumstances dictate the diy approach but this is proving to be unprovable. Heres a scenerio.

[2 people go to "Authorized vender" to upgrade and make the last payments on the Note 8s' thus to keep and not trade in. We opt for the $1300 Note10+ 5G but they didnt have any in store. 5 days waiting and we go pick them up. Now my being me i analyze every situation as if im trying to take advantage in an effort to prevent just that happening to me. We leave the Verizon retailer and within a week i start noticing inconcistencies with backup logs, benchmarks, especially the phone stats dont match. Most of you think why would someone do that and well money. If i were to shop online i can find a wealth of fake note 10s, goophone, clone. For about 150 i can buy a very simillar looking and comparable spec fake. "But wat about the IMEI huhh?" Heard or rooting flashing and custom rom? Thats the key to this gatehouse of lies. With a little developers knowlege i can build a scamming empire. So to the end tune of $300 spent i can in return get (2) note 10 + 5g and nobody is hurt......

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G authenticity concerns



Kind of hard to understand what you're asking about to be honest. If you believe you got a fake phone, return it. You can also get CPU-Z and verify if the hardware matches. How about your screen? Is it curved? Does it have a camera cut out? Does it look like a Super AMOLED panel? Next, do you have access to Samsung app store? Do you have Samsung Pay, does it work? How about Samsung Cloud, are you able to sing in? Design is easy to fake, but exclusive hardware features and proprietary software is virtually impossible to replicate.


Benchmarks might not always match, there are also different variants of the phone designed for different markets. Are there any specific issues that make you think your phone is not a real Samsung device?

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