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Cosmic Ray

Samsung Keyboard Feedback for Note 10+



Could you guys please address the following issues and feature requests? I really like your native keyboard and some of its offerings but there are some things that are missing and need to be addressed. The first thing is the resizing adjustments. Please allow us to further increase the size of the keyboard. Even at the max stopping point, the keyboard is just too low and small which leaves the keyboard feeling extremely small and cramped for people with larger hands and longer thumbs. Allowing us to increase the size and making the keyboard even taller can solve this. The second thing is the lack of vibration control. Please give us the ability to increase and decrease the vibration intensity of the key presses. Your stock setting is just very soft and unsatisfying. Some people need or prefer more intensity and we should have that option. The third is Calibration. It would really be nice if you guys could add in a calibration setting so that we can calibrate the keyboard to our specific typing habits to provide a better typing experience. 


Thanks! I hope you guys listen to this feedback and make speedy adjustments as the feedback provide is pretty standard stuff for a virtual keyboard.