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Samsung Turkey Sales and Service Review



Please note that we as foreigners are having difficult time contacting Samsung Turkey; firstly the language is not quite satisfying which could be solved by choosing qualified English speakers “their pronunciation is really surprising”.

Secondly the knowledge about the services provided is also not enough from any customer representative “they don't know about warranty issues, and they keep pushing away the customer to each other for example service to sales and vise versa”


Thirdly their behavior and reactions are way too bad towards customers, no patience and no sometimes respect towards customer which could be solved also by choosing qualified and training staff constantly.

Fourthly, i believe policy of replacing a malfunction phone during first two weeks is worldwide known with Samsung but in Turkey the staff claims its not which holds us back from buying in Turkey as we will be paying a lot of money for new phones released in the market. A reputable company like Samsung knows how perfect its products and I have been outside turkey and I confirm this information if a factory malfunction is discovered during 14 days from date of purchase Samsung is very cooperative to replace the phone but in Turkey the staff don't know or otherwise deliberately not cooperative.





Re: Samsung Turkey Sales and Service Review

Thank you for creating a topic about Samsung Turkey. İ have 2 samsung Galaxy Tabs and its very fazcinating really like it .<edit>. We are using Galaxy TAblet at patient lounge room at . <edit> So, Samsung technolgy is very usefull and high quailty. I really like to thank all samsung staff and users.