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Screen Record of Signal Issues with Verizon Note 10 Plus

This is a screen record off my Verizon Note 10 Plus. I sent back my my first unlocked phone with horrendous signal issues that didn't materialize immediately, but suddenly after a week of ownership. Much troubleshooting with Samsung and Verizon didn't help. New SIm, Factory Reset, Safe Mode, Diagnostics at local Samsung Ceter, etc...After the runaround by Samsung's "Award Winning Customer Service" I decided to go to Best Buy and buy a new Verizon Note 10 Plus. Now, I'm out over $2,000 in phones!...Surely that will fix it...Wrong. My signal issues were just as bad. Places where I had 4G at all times on my Note 8 and my wife's S8, I was now in 1X or 3G. Sometimes, no connection at all. Verizon Tier 2 has tried to help and had a 3 way call with Samsung who said it was a known issue and a software update should be coming at some point. At least someone finally acknowledged the issue. yeah! They said in a meantime, I could go to an authroized center and do a software reflash of my 5 day old phone. Well, I did and 3 hours afterwards, the below video was my first drive after the reflash. Stuck in 1X and 3G for most of the drive and momentarily in and out of 4G. Will hold 4G if it is a very strong signal, but spends most of the time in 3G. This is a much worse experience for me than the Note 7. At least there was some sort of plan and communication!