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Smart Pop-up View Issue

Hey all,


So "Smart Pop-up View" is an awesome feature that I really enjoy, especially after moving from an iPhone where I needed to switch apps everytime I wanted to message someone. However, it seems this feature is either permanently on or off for each specific app (like text or snapchat), no Master toggle. I have tried even Do Not Disturb to try and temporarily stop these, but they still popped up.


I would like to set-up a Bixby routine which turns these off while enjoying media such as Netflix or YouTube. However Do Not Distrub won't cut it for some reason. So for now, it seems I am stuck having a pop-ups constantly on the screen while watching TV unless I go and turn off Smart Pop-up for each app individually (manually). Seems like it could be a simple software fix as described below. 


It would be nice to see either Do Not Disturb stop Smart Pop-Up View temporarily or allow there to me a master control for this setting so it is easier to toggle on and off. I love the feature, but dislike how hard it is to turn on or off.