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Re: After seeing all these negative post. I'm ready to ship p...

Hey @userQ6eInnYhEL, I hope you're doing well.


I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way. I'm not sure if these users just by chance got a bad unit or if this is an issue with their carrier but dude, the Note 10+ is a beast! I've been using the device for two weeks now and have had zero issues, although I have T-Mobile for whatever it's worth.


I'd like to make it clear that I am not a paid Samsung Employee and have receive no benefit from talking great about devices. I am sharing my personal opinion on such an awesome device.


I hope that helps, take care!!!

Best regards,
Samsung Care Ambassador

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I had this issue. I had 2 Note10+ shipped to me. Got the...

I had this issue. I had 2 Note10+ shipped to me. Got the and when trying to activate, I got the sim card locked message. I got in touch with sprint and talked with 3 reps. Neither of them knew what to do. The last one told me to go into the sprint store and request a new sim card because the new ones that came with thenkote 10 were defective. I refused to leave it alone and settle for that answer. I went online and got in touch with an rep thru the chat and the guy was awesome. The problem was that the number on the new sim card that came with the note 10+ was not thensimencard number in the system. He had me get the sim card from a phone that was already in use, remove it and put it in the new phone. This somebow allowed him to change the sim card number to the number that came with the phone. He had me turn the phone off during all of this so that what he was doing would work. When he was done, I turned the phone on and update the profile. Both of my phones are now working wonderfully!! Hope this wasnt confusing. Tell the customer service rep hopefully they will know what to do. I got lucky but it took me talking to 4 or 5 people to get to someone that knew what to do.