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Star wars phone question

So I ordered the samsung galaxy note 10+ star wars edition in december. I was originally told the 23rd od december i was suppose to get it. Which was already 2-3 weeks away from when I ordered it so I didnt mind. When the day came. They pushed it back to Janurary 24th. Which again was fine I understand theres alot of demand for this kind of phone. But than they pushed it back again when it came to that day to feb 4th. Which okay, nows its upsetting. When the 4th question. Nothing. No email/no shipping number, silence. I called and they didnt know. 3 days later. Pushed back to march 28th. Someone else have the same issue. I have yet to see anyone say anything about this.


I dont want to cancel. I love the samsung products and I love star wars. I just want my phone lol.