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Stock Camera: 2 issues - simultaneous dual camera, and switching b/t front & back while vid record

Hey y'all.....been a Note user since 5, and a Samsung user since the SII Skyrocket (y'all remember that one?!) One of the most useful camera functions that died with the Note 5 was the ability to record video using both the Front AND Back lenses, and it even allowed you to set up different filter/effects for each input. My preferred was a side-by-side window. All Note and non-Note Galaxy models since then no longer support it. There is no public API issued by Samsung for this functionality either, and to make things more complicated, since the Note 10+ had multiple front and back cameras, there's not standard api to call each of those cameras specifically, so I can understand why this functionality may be.....challenging to implement.


Lastly, the total inability to, AT LEAST, swap between both front and back camera while in the middle of recording video is REALLY a huge missing feature. ALL the apps that support video recording allow you to switch, seamlessly, mid-recording, between the front and back lenses. Sure, you can't choose WHICH lens it uses, but at least you CAN do it.


Now, I *LOVE* the stock camera. I think it's one of the best features of the phone. However, with no ability to record dual cams simultaneously, or even swap between front and back cams mid recording is a huge shame. I hate that I have to use snapchat to record and switch between cams, then save the vid. It's horrible 720p, and ONLY records in Portrait, so even if you rotate your cam to landscape, your vid is sideways in Portrait, then you have to manually rotate as an extra step.


SAMSUNG, IF YOU'RE READING THIS - BRING THESE FEATURES BACK! AT LEAST ONE OF THEM (Although, I do prefer it if you did both - this can't be THAT difficult, and only Samsung can really provide a premium experience and maintain proper video quality).


Anyone else with me? Where can we start to lobby Samsung for this functionality again?!