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Suggested Apps, Note 10+

Hello Samsung fan boys and girls,

Recently got the update for One UI 2.5, and I love it. Very responsive and super buttery so far on the Note 10+. Big changes like Wirleless Dex are great, and the small subtle changes in the settings and keyboard are noticeable and appreciated. 

The issue is, when everything is smooth, non-buttery things stand out. When 'Recent Apps' is pulled up using a gesture with no hints, the Suggested Apps sometimes shift and when they do, it's not smooth. It's pretty jarring and doesn't mesh with the rest of the UI. 

My suggestion is to tweak it slightly so that the apps swap in basically unnoticed, so that just as you swipe up they change. Instead of after swipping. 

I know the Recent Apps feature can be turned off, but when you do, the recent application tabs look strange with the spacing configuration.

Toggling reduce animations changes nothing. Before this update I used Good Lock, but I really like the search feature and spacing of the One UI version as well as the great transition animations. 

Re: Suggested Apps, Note 10+

Etwas ganz besonders gel?

Über particular !