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Syncing Tab S6 S Pen with the Note 10 via Bluetooth


I'm a long time note user, since the note 3. I'm obsessed with using an S pen Smiley Tongue.


I'm trying to find a way to sync a Bluetooth S Pen from a Tab S6 with a Note 10. I'm only able to use the basic features of the tab S6 S Pen on my note 10, I'd really like to be able to use the Bluetooth features.


In Singapore they're able to sync their Tab S6 S Pen to the Note 10 via Bluetooth.



Is there any chance this might become an ability in the future with an update or am I totally out of luck here?



Is there any way to sync a Bluetooth S Pen to the note 10 besides inserting it?

Since the note 5 I've always had issues with the S Pen spring wearing out and not be able to access/click my s pen out. I would always just buy a new S Pen and keep the one stuck inside permanently.

if my S Pen is to get stuck inside my Note 10 am barred from being able to use any other s pens Bluetooth capabilities?



I just bought a tab S6 S Pen and I'm using it on my Note 10 right now. I love the feel and won't return it but im really hoping for a solution to the Bluetooth syncing issue.


Thanks in advance everybody