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System update without wifi

I've looked all over the internet and forums....can't find an answer.


I use the Note s10 Plus, unlocked.....of course there is a system update out.


I live in a rural area, there is no internet nor wifi here. Is there a way to do this system update using my own data since it is unlimited?


 It would be hard to believe a phone this expensive - not only has app software installed that not only cannot be removed, but when that is updated it forces on screen ads. Doesn't this type of flagship phone at least have the option to allow the owner the choice to download system updates over data OR wifi? Is there a setting someplace that I've overlooked?


And it also allows regular app software that is LARGER than the Samsung system updates to use your own data for that. Even movies use more data than the system update.

Since this model phone has your fingerprints, your credit cards stored and all other private data - wouldn't it be a massive security issue making the owner connect to public wifi such as a library or Starbucks etc., to update?


Hopefully someone can point out a setting I'm overlooking and thanks in advance.




Re: System update without wifi

Hello, I wondered if you found a solution as I am needing to update via data also and not over wifi connection.