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Taking non blurry pics of things in motion

My Note10+5G takes beautiful 4k 60fps videos. It also takes great 4k pictures of stationary objects, but when objects, such as animals, are moving, the pictures tend to be blurry. I've been practicing with my cats, since that's really all I have a home since I live alone. 70% are ok, but the other 30% are so blurry and the cats aren't even moving that fast. Does anyone else have this problem, and what did you do to correct it? I'm going to a concert (3 rows from stage) and I want beautiful pictures. I know some of them will always be blurry.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Taking non blurry pics of things in motion

One solution is to click "More" in the camera app. Then click "Pro"  and use the appropriate settings there to capture fast moving objects.