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Thanks Samsung!

I just got my new note 10 regular today. It's way better than what I had which was the note 9! This new phone is just more slim, light weight, and a smaller phone , which is what I need for my small hands. And the new features are great!


Re: Thanks Samsung!

I upgraded from the Note 9 to the Note 10+ when it launched.

Very happy as well.

Like you said, I love how it is noticably lighter and slimmer.


Three things I have missed about my Note 9 though.


1. The in screen fingerprint sensor is okay, I've gotten used to it, but I still would prefer the old method on the back of the phone.


2. The cooling gel for the massive battery in the 512GB version Note 9 I had.

I know the Note 10 charges faster, but I don't like to use fast charging.

I don't like how the phone gets warm using that.

I preferred the longer lasting battery of the Note 9.


3. I miss having the extra key on the right side of the phone.

I use an app called bxActions, now a version called sideActions for the Note 10 that allows me to remap the functions of all the side key buttons in multiple situations and applications.


But overall, losing all this is okay, I still am very happy with my Note 10+.