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Type c fast cahrge and headphones

Galaxy note 10.

Fast changer that was supplied by samsung and akg wired headphones are not working. Charger does not do anything when plugged in and the same with headphones sound still comes out of phone speaker.

Phone will charge with laptop via 3rd party lead and also charges with power bank. But the Same lead will not charge when plugged into apple plug (usb normal one end and type c other)  I've restarted and have cleared cache. One strange thing came up was a water droplet when charging the other day googled this and used hair dryer and this stopped. Surprised this came up as phone has been no where near water. Also cleaned the type c hole. I would say a faulty type c but charges with other lead. 


Cant go to samsung shop in UK as currently on holiday in mexico. 


Thanks for any advice.