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Use of USB C port audio problems

The audio / video playback via USB C port causes random functions (skipping a file in the middle, skipping few files). Also the phone freezes for a while after I unplug the USB C to audio converter. As an electrical / computer engineering professor with 40 years of exerience as well as one of the pioneers in the area of digital signal processing, I feel that this might be connected to the use of the USB C pins (which are originally meant for coding logic states 0 and 1 that uses only 0 and +5 volts to send real positive and negative voltage values on D+ and D- (that is what I understand from a quick reading of this new approach) and the USB C to audio converter is simply a passive device, i.e., no electronics in it. 

I am also beginning to see more applications freezing. The SC moderators should bring this information to their audio (DSP) engineers so that they can look at this issue before it tarnishes the name of Samsung like the Note 7 (?) fiasco.


Re: Use of USB C port audio problems

Thanks for this. So my issue w my incredibly ancient UE BOOM2 may not be with the device OR my phone, but the USB-C port. I'll stop gently beating on it until I get more Intel. Thanks for your post. Not a Note 10 but an S20 5-G. Personally I think for me it's all this and more, compatibility issue. We'll see!