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Verizon Note 10+ 5g Sync issues- Notes won't sync with PC version, can't sync Internet with Firefox

Two major issues, and frustrating that all the research and trying different things doesn't get me anywhere.


1. I like Samsung Notes. It's great! Problem is, it won't sync with the Samsung Notes app on my PC. Rather, it only syncs one way- I can create a note on my phone and it appears on PC. If I create a note on PC, it never appears on phone. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, signed out, signed in... it seems pointless to have a note taking app with all those features and you can't even sync with other devices.


2. Most recent Firefox for android update is awful, but I still use it on PC. I'm fine with using Samsung Internet, as it seems much better for the phone. But... there does not seem to be any way to import bookmarks from Firefox into Samsung Internet. All the tutorials I see to fix this use options that do not appear at all in my Samsung Internet. I hear there is a way to sync with Chrome using a browser extension, but... I shouldn't have to switch desktop browsers too.


So, I'm more than happy to try any suggested fixes, and I'm also crossing my fingers that when I get OneUI 2.5 things might improve. As it is I'm pretty ticked off that such a nice phone is missing such basic functions.


EDIT: I tried to add some tags for this post and it told me I couldn't use them, and I needed to correct the message and try again. I did that and it told me I was "post flooding". You are not making this easy, Samsung.