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Very disappointed with screen

I am very disappointed with the Note 10 plus screen and screen protector.

- The edge is so annoyed when I hold my phone and watch Youtube. Any unexpected touch will change the video I am watching so I have to come back. I do intall the your app called "edge touch". the issue no solved at all.

-The note 10 plus comes with a screen protector and it can be used for last 4-months (in my case). You you DO NOT supply or sell this screen protector. Your phone comes with screen protector so it makes the your parners dont make screen protector much. If you look into Amazon or Ebay, there are very low quality screen protectors for Note 10 plus. Without screen protector, my phone gets scrarched. You are expecting us to upgrade phone quicker? Is it the main purpose of your screen protector?

I have been using Note 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10. It is my last Samsung phone.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Very disappointed with screen

turn on or off touch sensitivity that helped me