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Weird problem with samsung music app

(Topic created on: 1/21/21 12:41 PM)

Hello everyone - hope you'll be able to help me a little bit with this problem :


I have many songs downloaded into my device and I like to listed to them while on the move

but the problem is - when i'm talking with someone over the phone - I record my calls

and the device is saving my calls into an "Mp3" file ( i guess ) /


the problem is - when i'm listening to my songs,

my songs getting shuffled with my call recondings mp3's

and I can't leave my phone with music - cause after couple of tracks

the samsung music player is playing one of my calls recordings

and I can't get them seperated - and it is very annoying ...


I want ONLY MUSIC with my samsung music player app

and ONLY CALLS RECORDINGS with my phone call recordings section


please help

and thank you for your cooperation

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Red Giant

you need to hide the folder that contains other .mp3 files


1. open samsung music app

2. click Folders tab (Under Samsung Music logo, scroll to very right side)

3. click 3 dots (...) on top right

4. click Hide folders

5. Hide folders that contains other .mp3 files