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What the heck. 2 phones later and still too cold?

I am beyond furious with my samsung product Note 10. Bought in October 2019. In February 2020, first received error message of Too Cold To Charge. Sent phone into Samsung. They said warranty covered it, fixed it (replaced motherboard), and sent me a phone. In Jume 2020, received the error message of Too Cold To Charge AGAIN! Again, sent phone to Samsung. Again was told warranty covered it,  fixed it (new motherboard again) and sent me a phone. Samsung told me IF it happens again, I can get a different device. Well low and behold,  September 21, 2020 received durn error message of Too Cold To Charge! Called Samsung and they said send it in. I get an email today stating I was being charged $269 for my phone to be fixed. Even though it is the EXACT same issue as twice before. Samsung doesn't want to eat the cost of replacing my inferior Note 10. Talk about crappy customer service! I don't have $269 extra to fix the phone and now it's going to be a paperweight! Thanks Samsung, you blow. Never EVER again will I recommend a Samsung product to ANYONE!! 


Re: What the heck. 2 phones later and still too cold?

I have the same issue. I have had my phone since Dec 2019 and mine just started doing that. Looking around it is a very common issue.

I did find some temp work arounds but who knows how long it lasts and it's riduculous to have to do this on such an expensive phone. I pressed firmly around the middle of the glass and back at the same time and that got it to start charging again. I think it must have a loose conector issue or something related to the temperature guage. 

My wife and son are looking at new phones so now I'm real hesitant to buy Samsung at the moment. We don't need three expensive paperweights.