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Why does Samsung Cloud only back-up the bare minimum?

I had to factory reset my phone since due to software issues I could not longer use my USB C for sound purposes.


I made sure that I selected ALL areas of the phone to be backed up.


1) It did not back up any other photo albums other than "Camera".

There were tons of other albums including, wechat, snapchat, messenger, screenshots.

2) It did not back up any files or photos from "Secure Folder"

3) It did not save any user settings on any apps

4) It did not back up certain apps, such as Chrome, Playstore, Youtube, Reddit etc.


Now I'm missing 40% of all the things that were originally on my phone.

Samsung what is going on? Is there a settings I forgot to push? Why cant it just simply sync everything? I made sure Samsung cloud had all permissions and everything was turned on. I am so frustrated.