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biometrics for bank apps


I was using Note10 a couple of months back and i was unable to get the fingerprint login to work on a banking app. I reported it to the bank, they seem to not know what the problem is as nobody else reported similar issues. I went on with it, just typing the password manually. I then switched to a Note10+, and when I transferred the apps over that bank app was the first app i checked if i can now use the fingerprint login. It worked, but my other bank apps now have the fingerprint issue. The old Note10 - i gave to my wife and she has no problem activating the fingerprint login - using her account and the same bank app.

Is the biometrics login feature of Samsung only allows one banking app to use fingerprint login?

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Re: biometrics for bank apps



As far as I know Samsung doesn't place any restrictions on the use of biometrics with financial institutions.

My financial institution implements the use of biometric sign in by comparing the fingerprint I'm using with the fingerprints I have registered on my phone. If I add an additional fingerprint then it will not allow the biometric sign in until I sign in manually with my account information and register my new fingerprint with the banking account security software.

Remember a few months ago there was a vulnerability regarding the on screen finger print reader. A lot of financial institutions blocked the use of fingerprint sign in. Once the issue was resolved most of them but not all reactivated the biometric sign in.

I had a similar issue once and removed all my registered fingerprints cleared the cache and data from the banking app added new fingerprints and set the banking app biometric sign in back up and haven't had any issues since.

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