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car Mirrorlink

I have a Galaxy note 10 lite and I'm using every day the Mirrorlink function connected to my Car Unit from a VW Passat B8.
The issue appeared after Android 10 update. I can connect the phone to the car, but every app started on the car unit display has an error by showing a black screen, or if I'm start driving, a message on the car screen appears, something like : this app is not available when you are driving. 
This is unacceptable. Same car, with a Galaxy S8, is working fine. I'm using same apps on both phones.
My car doesn't support Android Auto, so, any message to indicate that I can use AA is not for me.
Please explain me what happened in Android 10 with Mirrorlink and why you make it unusable.
I did factory reset on my phone and I have the same issue.
It is very frustrating to see that with an Android 9(tested also with android 8 and 6) everything is ok, and after update to 10,  everything was changed. The result is... I can't use my phone in the car.

Re: car Mirrorlink

I saw that MirrorLink is discontinued, I'm having issues as well, hope they come up with a solution