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problems with using headphones with my Note 10

Purchased my Note 10 in March. I enjoy running and I like to have my phone with me when I run so that I can listen to music via Pandora or Spotify. I have gone through three sets of headphones. One was a skull candy Bluetooth set,  one was a standard set of headphones and I purchased the adapter plug, and one was the headphones that came with the phone. After a couple of uses they all seem to "short out." The audio will completely stop coming through, but will often come in and out but broken up. Is there a known problem with the note 10 and headphones? Is it from the connection being jostled around when I run? It is very annoying to not being able to listen to music while I run. I don't want to spend any more money on hradphones if I am going to continue having the same problem.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: problems with using headphones with my Note 10

When I run, I sweat a lot. IME sweat killed a lot of headphones. This would certainly explain the failure of the skull candy Bluetooth headphones. 


It's been a little while since I have ran consistently. I found that both Anker Soundcore Spirit series and Jaybird headphones worked very well and survived the sweat. The Soundcore Spirit series are more reasonable priced and the battery seems to last longer.