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"Note 10 vs S10+"

S10+ vs Note 10+ 

Now we all know that There's a mini Debate on which ones is Better wich one not etc. I can't personally tell i don't Really have the funds to to take it that far.....BUT! I'm not a computer studies student for nothing Research is a Must as a student and on a whole now i'm on list the features of both phones Comment below ypur Opinion of the Phones and which one is your fave



  1. Design is more curved off edges  
  2. Horizontal Camera and 
  3. Storages avaible extended
  4. Camera
  5. Headphone Jack
  6. more natural background blur

Note 10+

  1. Design is more square edges
  2. Display is larger
  3. Storage avaible and can be extened
  4. Camera
  5. slimmest vapour chamber helps with cooling
  6. No head phone jack
  7. Bibxy button/power button
  8. Hand writing to actual text
  9. Hand Gestures when in camera great for blogging
  10. live Game streaming from laptop to phone
  11. Can screen record games and can use front camera to record your reactions 
  12. live background video recording
  13. Wireless charging/Powershare
  14. Link Windows

I personally would Take Both Phones the Note ten for school and work purposes and the S10 as my mobile phone i'm definetlyin love with the 1terbye for the S10+ no doubt for personal use and shenanigans lolssss i know there should more for S10+ butttttttttttttttt since te noote 10 dropof course more videos would be increasing