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samsung dex wireless with the note 10 plus

(Topic created on: 8/6/20 1:52 PM)
Does anyone know if the galaxy note 10 plus is able to have  Samsung dex wirelessly like on the note 20 I mean come on the note 10 plus has the potential and the power to have those features like I just didn't pay thousand+ bucks to get the those features to like it feels like a rip off to I'm pretty it ain't build two the phone I'm sure its just an app feature because all of us have the same samsung dex nothing is different besides the camera and the display on the note 20 so if anyone have the answer or some rumors about it let me know because we sure didn't pay one thousands+ bucks to not have those features as well 
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I used to have DEX working wirelessly on my PC with Note 10+ 5g and a BT mouse connected to the phone as it was more convenient, maybe up until a month ago... Tried today and it does not work, it cannot even see my PC...don`t know what happened, windows updates, samsung updates maybe?

It is so annoying!

It used to work ok-ish, some mouse lag or wifi lag but I got connected like instantly. 

I don`t remember doing anything special, just start connection and windows app...

It is sooo frustrating!!! Tried everything today with no result...

mine works fine with my TV must be an update or something if you continue having problems let samsung know so they can take a look at it