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second language

Hey people over at Samsung do you think you could possibly put out an update at some point to your Samsung text-to-speech engine?
I speak English fluently I enunciate very well I don't stutter and I speak very clearly however I have never seen more graphical text mistakes in my life every time I go to use this there is a voice text typo iron-ore ( see....what is that...i didn't say anything about Iron ore!!!!) it believes I have said something that I didn't and is way off the charts on what I actually was trying to say sometimes I believe that English is my Samsung phones second language do I need to put my text to speak in Korean so that my korean-made phone will understand it??

Instead of giving us a whole bunch of gimmicks and working on nonsense why don't you work on the basic features of the phone like the text-to-speech the clarity of the call maybe a better antenna and radio in the phone so that our calls will be better and clear and drop less