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Are we really getting the 1UI 3 Bata offer

I am yet to see an option that I can participate is the bata program.  Even though I meet all the requirements.  Why is that, I feel that this is a sham and samsung is taking us Note buyers for granted. Just by the thing they do with the phone.  How is this phone that is supposed to be the top of top photo for the company,  yet get treated as the step child and sometimes even worse. How is the S line get a jump to the line all the time.  Also am I the only one who have this concern that samsung does not give a about its note customers.  Selling these phone at a high price for crappie treatment,  I will recommend this. Think it's time to start looking for a phone company that value its customers.  Think this is my last samsung phone I am going to get. Yeah this has gone on for too long.


Re: Are we really getting the 1UI 3 Bata offer

agreed with you