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Biometrics crash, app switcher breaks, Good Lock & One Handed Operation+?

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Having some weirdness lately on my Note 20 Ultra (5G!). Something is crashing, I suspect Good Lock and One Handed Operation+ and when this happens, fingerprint biometrics and the Android app switcher stop working.

Symptoms are, when selecting the app switcher through OHH+ and a swipe, I get no list of apps and an "unlock required" notice at the top of the screen; the regular Android app switcher does nothing w/no apps displayed and anytime I to use the fingerprint biometrics (i.e. through a bank app, etc.) I get a brief display of the fingerprint icon before it disappears.

Only a reboot fixes this.

This happening to anyone else or know the cause?


Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

OneUI 5.1, April 1 2023 system update

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