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Bixby button super feature "QuickCommand"

<edit>  Press you bixby button say "quick commands!" This will bring you to quick commands where you can setup up personal commands that are performed quicly. When I am indoors I like the brightness as low as possible. So when I grab fone and go outside in sun. I cant see anything. Bixby brilliance shines, press bixby button "brightness" it turns on auto brightness.  

"Record" starts voice recorder
"Camera" opens camera
"Unlock" opens front door smartlock
"Lock" locks front door smartlock
"On" turn on smart lights
"Off" turn off smart lights
"Security" pulls up security wyze/nest/ring cam for front door
      If you have fone controlled door locks, tvs, refrigerator, range,etc. You can setup so button press say one word, action is done. Its really not that bad when you have a use for it. You dont have to fumble looking for this app or that screen. It does all that once setup.
Cosmic Ray

Re: Bixby button super feature "QuickCommand"

I miss my S10+ that had a dedicated Bixby button that I could remap to do what I wanted. Smiley Sad I still haven't gotten used to talking to my phone and half the time it gets it wrong anyway.