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I use to actually enjoy using the Bixby Voice Assistant. I loved showing off to others what it could do that Google or Siri could not, and watch as they were in awe. Each update after the Galaxy S9 seem to make it forget anything and everything it had learned vmas far as verbal commands. I use to be able to ask Bixby "Show me my photos in my conversation with [Blank]." And watch as it would open Messages, open a conversation thread, select the 3 dots, and select Shared Content. Now when I give such a command it will stop after it opens the conversation or will do something completely different and off the wall if it doesn't say that it doesn't understand what I'm asking it to do.

I miss the early days with Bixby where if it didn't understand how to execute the command it was given, then it could be corrected and taught. Now it seems that you simply have to accept that it doesn't know how to do what is asked of it and it cannot be learned. You can't simply repeat your command over and over and expect it to grasp the seemingly simple command you're giving it.

I wish that Samsung could reimplement that teaching and correction aspect of Bixby. Especially if its to be our primary source e for verbally controlling their ecosystem. Bring back Bixby correction and add in the capability to teach it step by step if applicable. Instead of choosing from set commands such as those in Bixby Routines, allow Bixby to screen record, in a way. Only remembering what apps are being opened and what tasks or options are being selected. It could make Bixby so much more powerful! This should leave significantly less room for error by Bixby. 

As I'm sure numerous of other Samsung, and non Samsung users can think of new features, I have a lot in mind. Reach out to me Samsung so we can make you're devices even better!