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Black Screen after 3 sec. on headset

Got a new note20 ultra, it has the same issue 🤬🤬🤬! This phone has 1000's of useless settings, Samsung - What's so hard about writing a couple lines of code to fix this BIG PROBLEM?? This phone was made for business people to use all day with the least amount of effort, NOT all day, every 3 seconds tapping the screen to come back on so you can work while on speaker phone or a headset!!! Does anyone at Samsung read these questions other than the moderator that gives useless info! This is the a quick and easy fix Samsung! Please have your code writers included it in your next update!!!? 

Re: Black Screen after 3 sec. on headset

Sounds like your screen timeout is shorter than you like. Change it in Settings. You might also see if you can set up a Bixby Routine to keep your screen on longer while on speakerphone or headset.