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Black screen / Dosn’t display


Hi,  I'm from Oman.

I got issue of my 3 month old Note 20 Ultra, suddenly it went BLACK SCREEN. I was clicked volume key to silent incoming call yesterday & It's happen since then, The screen went totally black, was tried to restart , it vibrate and make little sound but no screen doesn’t display anything.

Yesterday visited Samsung Service Center- SARCO, with initial check up the technician said the screen was having issue & need to open phone - need to change needy, The fixing will be take up-to 5 days. Its new phone & instead of get replacement new unit they were stick  to repair/screen replacement. They should have better plan. 

This is shocking, for such a high end flagship has this major issue, by regular usage and less than 3 months.


Very disappointing, was IPhone user since 8 years & migrated to Samsung for note 20 Ultra spend almost $ 1350 and it gave me impression with huge disappointment/ frustration. 


Note: My phone has never dropped or submerged in water.


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Black screen / Dosn’t display

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