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Camera Limitations

(Topic created on: 1/11/21 5:16 PM)

Snapdragon N20 Ultra:
The stock camera app that comes with the phone has many useful features, but there are some downsides and limitations; even though SD 865 is technically able to record 4K 120FPS video, stock app limits you to 30FPS maximum if you want to use ultra wide/periscope zoom cameras.

I would think these are hardware limitations and cannot be fixed by updates, but when I got this phone I also bought Filmic Pro camera app where before the update I was able to shoot 60FPS 4K through ultra wide angle camera which proves that it's not the hardware limitation. Also note that this only happens on Snapdragon versions of N20 Ultra devices as far as I know.

I hope someone can explain reasons behind these limitations and if they will be fixed soon.


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