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Camera Use by Third Party Applications

(Topic created on: 1/2/21 1:15 PM)

Please can you address the issue with third party camera app developers not being able to access your cameras. Filmic Pro, Moment, DJI, etc. can't develop for and support your devices if they can't access your camera hardware. This has been a long standing problem. I've reached out to these developers and they each say, your developers refuse to budge and help them with proper development and support. So Samsung users can't get the same features when using their products such as lenses and gimbals because you all are being difficult and stubborn. Please identify your cameras as available for 3rd party apps. This seems like a very simple fix with little man power required.

The notice says:

"* IMPORTANT UPDATE: With Android 11 .
 some devices may loose access to Tele or
 Ultra Wide cameras. Android 11 blocks
 access to cameras that manufacturers
 didn't properly identify as available for 3rd
 party applications. This is a manufacturer
 issue, we will add the cameras back as
 soon they publish them properly."


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Due to this reason, it has been impossible to find a compatible gimbal to use.

If anyone hears otherwise or finds one please let us know.

I know right. That's why Moment stopped supporting Android devices. Even DJI and Zhiyun are having trouble with supporting Samsung devices because of this. They physically cannot get their software to be compatible until Samsung addresses this and they seem to be refusing. It's disappointing.