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Can't disable low-light enhancement for the camera

(Topic created on: 3/6/21 9:48 PM)
It seems that Samsung has misinterpreted the common complaint of poor low-light-photo quality. I don't want brighter pictures. I just want a dark scene that looks natural, without noise.  And I'm not even talking about really dark scenes. 

To really get to the point, this low light enhancement feature is washing out colors. I take pictures of pizza with lightly-golden cheese and it comes out looking white. And I don't want to have to fiddle with camera settings over simple pictures that I just want to share with friends. I have a Note 9 and all of the pictures come out looking like they do through my own eyes. 

I spent over $1,000 on this Note 20 Ultra, and I'm greatly disappointed. I'm hoping for a fix, because very shortly this phone is going to go on eBay and I won't be purchasing another Samsung phone again.
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