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Can't open links from my Yahoo Mail app

Hey guys!
I always get emails from Reddit and other places that have links that I click on lots to check out stories or other articles or shop from lots and one day a pop up said I was opening too many things and it had me turn off access the clicking on links in that app and won't open up the links unless I hold the link until the "open in browser" setting appears. Does anyone know what that setting is and how I can find it so I can enable my link clicking? 

Cosmic Ray

Re: Can't open links from my Yahoo Mail app

I also use Yahoo for email, and I've had this issue for months now with the Reddit Digest emails. I haven't had any trouble with links from other emails, as far as I can recall at least. I have a Galaxy Note 9. I've seen the links work once in a great while, but I never paid any attention to what might have made them work successfully.