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Cant even give my brand new note 20 away still in sealed box

(Topic created on: 3/3/21 11:42 PM)

Made the mistake of buying a brand new Samsung Note 20.  Really excited,chance to upgrade my awesome Note 5. Trusted Samsung to make a great product. The new Note 20 has the Samsung processor. Should have done my homework.  Did not realize what a mess this phone is. Disappointed to say the least.

My Samsung Note 5 rescued me in Thailand. Was able suck documents up and sign them, then email them- Really got us out of a bad situation  . Unfortunately time to leave this product behind.  I see L.G offers a pen based product now

Have had on sale with face book market and Trade me in New Zealand - still sealed in the box. Seems like everyone, but me, knows what a disaster this product is.

Have had on sale now for a week now- can not even give this  phone away. 

We changed from i phones to android years ago and had  great early experience.

We will stay with the android platform and unfortunately will now be moving away from Samsung probably to Huawei , Sony  L.G or  Xiaomi.  Will buy direct rom China reliable processors and batteries.

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Maybe its your price? The phone went on sale few weeks after it was released so it's not worth retail price even if it's sealed.